Inexplicably Popular Stuff

The most viewed posts on this blog. Thanks Reddit and Facebook… thanks a fucking bunch…

  • The Chemistry of ‘Yes Minister’– Is this technically what they call “science communication”? Slow burn, this one. Looks like a lot of people watched the episode, googled “meta-dioxin” and landed here. Needs an edit or two and an update, but otherwise I like that one.
  •  What I would say to creationists if I was more of a dick – The magnum opus of rants against creationists. And I still stand by it. Warning, swearing.
  • You Literally Won’t Believe These Mind-Blowing Simple Statistics… And How Wrong People Are About Them – A look at statistics used by Men’s Rights Activists and how they are not the fault of women, as they often tend to claim. I need to go back over the citations at some point, but I just cannot be bothered. Warning, stupidity in comments.
  • How to stop sucking at non-belief (Part 4) – A quick point about how religion doesn’t cause all those wars that atheists claim they do. Of course r/atheism decided to disprove this central point with evidence and ration… ha, no, can’t keep that up, they just didn’t like it “because crusades” or something or other.
  • How To Be A Proper Fucking Scientist – A Short Quiz – because knowing the definition of some fancy terms is not science, here is a short quiz testing a few things about biases or inferences.
  • Top Five Dumb Things Creationists Say – What it says on the tin. Though personally I preferred the sequel of the dumbest things creationists said. There were exploding nostrils in that one! But hey, I don’t control my traffic.
  • The Damsel in Distress Trope – A fairly comprehensive guide to how that trope works and how you go about actually debunking its presence, because the usual excuses people come up with simply suck. Again, the Men’s Rights lads got extremely triggered by this one.
  • Every Conversation With A Brexiteer Ever – a one-shot throwaway joke that somehow got extremely popular. I think it definitely touched a nerve with the pro-EU camp, who seem to very much recognise it. This got more likes, posts and retweets on Twitter than it actually got views from Twitter.

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