More Or Less Organised Thoughts on New Sherlock…


A year ago I knocked up something of a review on the Sherlock Christmas Special. Re-reading that post is, so far, the only link I have to what actually went on in that episode since I recall the ending being so dire that I’ve just never got around to re-watching it and have no real intention of doing so again. Apparently I insisted that I enjoyed the first half.

So, as there’s a new series, at last, and as it has developed a bit of discussion about how it’s trying to be James Bond, how Moffat and Gatiss are over-using their one-shot jokes again and again, and how its substituting a once witty and true adaptation of Conan Doyale’s original for senseless action, I thought I’d offer my two cents again. Thankfully, this is far shorter than last time:

As long as they stay out of the Mind Palace and stop running around pretending to be the Matrix or fucking Inception, I’ll be happy.

Go on, derp away...

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