Confused? Good.

Are you unsure about an event that’s going on in the world?

Not sure what side to take?

Not sure what you think about it, or which is right and which is wrong?

Have you seen someone make a decision, and have no idea whether to support them or not?


Really, good for you. This is definitely a good thing, and stop pretending otherwise.

Because it means you’re thinking about it. It means you’re opening to any possibility or any conclusion. It means you have a good motive to really dive into it in some detail and make a decision that’s informed.

People who make a sweeping didactic statement about something almost immediately – with certainty, with judgement, and with no tentative hesitation – are almost certainly operating on what their prior biases tell them. They were always destined to think that, and nothing else. The alternative was never an option for them.

That has its place, sure. Mostly when things aren’t terrifyingly important or inherently confusing and difficult.

But if you’re unsure, great. If you have to stop and scratch your chin a for a bit, fantastic. If you need to think a bit longer and a bit harder before your decision, do that.




Go on, derp away...

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