Horrible and Demeaninng Lies We Tell Ourselves…


Lies we tell ourselves to make us feel worse:

  • That other person is dwelling on that mistake I made way more than I am, I insulted and belittled them and they will hate me more every day as they remember it forever.
  • I annoy everyone around me by talking about my favourite interest when I shouldn’t, but at least I let them know I’m sorry about it.
  • I failed because I’m not good enough for this.
  • I rely too much on others and they all resent me for it. They do everything for me and I could never do anything in return that they’d ever want.
  • That person could never love me… they must be lying about it whenever they say they do. The more they say it, the more they must be lying.
  • I’m below average at everything, everyone else does it all better than I ever could.
  • No-one else finds this hard to do and hard to deal with, they all know what they’re doing and will succeed no matter what.
  • I will definitely fuck this thing up, it always happens to me because I’m a fuck up because I always fuck up.
  • I’m poor because I deserve to be, I could never do anything better because I don’t deserve to do better.
  • This one thing defines me and, if I ever lose it, I’m no-one. If I ever fail, that failure will define me instead.
  • Everyone hates me. I hate me, so everyone else must do, too.
  • This isn’t just my perception, it’s true – I really do suck and everyone hates me.

Except for me, these are definitely true for me…


Go on, derp away...

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