Convenient and Reassuring Lies We Tell Ourselves…


Lies we tell ourselves to feel better:

  • If I were a concentration camp guard, I wouldn’t have obeyed and followed orders because I think for myself.
  • The music I like is musically better than everyone else’s, because I feel a deep connection with it others are too stupid to see.
  • I totally don’t have any biases or prejudices toward people, so I don’t treat others badly for being themselves.
  • I’m above average is every respect because I think and my eyes are open to the Truth.
  • I never get in the way of someone at the supermarket because I’m always attentive and vigilant unlike that idiot who’s been selecting stuff from the meal-deal section for a while now.
  • I would never have crashed that car and killed people because I pay attention when I’m driving.
  • I don’t annoy everyone online because my Facebook posts and Tweets are personal and important, and also funny and insightful.
  • I would never  let my kid fall into a animal pen because I keep an eye on them at all times.
  • I’m poor because I’m not paid very well for what I do, others are poor because they’re too lazy to work as hard as me.
  • I never got any help or handouts in my life.
  • I found it funny, so that joke must be funny to everyone else.
  • I would never believe something that obviously untrue and false, because I’m not stupid.
  • I don’t lie to myself to make me feel better.

Well, they’re lies you tell yourself. They’re just true for me. Obviously…


Go on, derp away...

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