A Parable…

“Oh no, my car is drifting off to the right… shit, if I keep going like this I’m going to crash. I better turn left.”

“Whoa there, buddy. What about the right?”

“What about it? I need to turn left to get the car back on track.”

“But for that you need the steering wheel to be straight, right?”

“Yes, but I’m currently drifting right.”

“You obviously hate right. You should be turning left and right equally.”

“But if I keep straight on this current course, I’ll crash.”

“How do you intend to go straight if you’re turning left? Why favour left so much if you’re in favour of going straight?”

“Because we’re currently drifting to the right!”

“And how is that going to be solved if you turn left? You just hate right.”


I’ll leave the interpretation to you.


Go on, derp away...

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