A quick, short, and slightly stupid point…

The WordPress statistics say that this search term recently sent traffic here:

do females like the damsel in distress trope

Now… “Females” is a perfectly cromulent word. It has a meaning, a use, and conveys the right image for what you need to describe. Namely, the biologically female sex. Nothing more, nothing less. Overall it’s pretty neutral in the feelings it provokes. “Look at this female penguin waddling about”. See, nothing to it… you know what it means, and there are no additional connotations, neither positive, nor negative. With the exception of the edge-cases, it’s pretty brute-force in its pure functionality as a piece of jargon within the English language.

But then it gets said in a vaguely Men’s Rights Activist context, and it’s suddenly…

femalesEugh…. I need to go take a fucking shower.

Addendum: Like, seriously, ewww….



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