The Wage Gap “Myth” – A Stock Response

The wage gap is a myth!

Women don’t earn less than men!

The 77-cents-on-the-dollar stat is bullshit!

Thus begin countless posts, articles, comments, editorials and even infographics (some of which are illustrated here for your vomit-inducing enjoyment) that talk about the wage gap – written by people I might start referring to as “Wage Gap Mythers”. I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I’ve read this sort of thing in the last few months. Seemingly endless pages are devoted to dispelling the idea that women earn less than men. Every time someone brings up the wage gap, the Mythers drop by. They’ve been shared across Facebook groups, wikis, websites and comment sections so frequently that I really just want to get a stock response written down to them – it saves time.

Basically: “women earn less because the bigger companies don’t employ them.” This is, of course, totally fine and not an issue nor evidence of a problem at all.

The grand irony of all these Myther posts, though, is that while their titles and thesis statements say things like “the wage gap is a myth”, what they then go on to do is to demonstrate the exact opposite. It’s almost creationist-like thinking: start with the conclusion, and shoehorn that conclusion into any and all facts you can find. Even if the facts outright contradict the conclusion or the logic developing those facts doesn’t support it. I’ll demonstrate how this works by breaking the “myth” argument down into a little step-by-step:

  1. State that women don’t earn less than men (or don’t earn 3/4 of their average earnings) – this is our generic Wage Gap Myther thesis statement
  2. State that this is because women do different jobs and have different commitments and so can’t earn as much as men and generally demonstrate numerous reasons why women actually earn less than men
  3. Absolutely ignore that Point 2 directly contradicts Point 1

If there’s time, the next point is to conclude that the real “wage gap” is only a few percent once you’ve taken all the reasons stated in Point 2 into account. Which is like saying “well, if you take into account the slant and the wobbliness, this floor is perfectly flat”. Or “once you’ve subtracted all the people living there, the population of London is actually zero”. Or “once you’ve taken into account all the people in indentured servitude against their will, slavery doesn’t exist”. You get the picture – “if you ignore the potential sources of sexism, sexism doesn’t exist!”, which I think is the most concise summary of the Myther position possible.

Well, given that a lot of men treat women like shit in the workplace and make assumptions that only the men have important jobs while women make the tea… then yes, yes they are paying to surround themselves with cock.

I don’t know how best to summarise the problems with the Wage Gap Myth argument in a way that will get through to Mythers. Because if Mythers are united by one thing it’s the fact they’ve been tricked into thinking they’ve done something highly clever; they’ve delved into the data, they’ve reached their own conclusions, and everyone thinks that when you reveal something as a “myth” it must be a really skeptical, rational and intelligent thing to do… but they haven’t. No data that you can find actually dispels the notion that women, on average, earn less than men – often very significantly. About 20% less in the United Kingdom, about 23% in the United States (a place still stubbornly opposed to any sort of Equal Pay Act) and 16% across the European Union on average, with a massive variance across member states. The studies are there, the statistics are there, they’re not going away. The Myther thesis statement is just plain and simply wrong.

Women don’t do the higher paying jobs. Sexism? Yes. Yes it is. Women don’t do, aren’t allowed to do, are discouraged from, the higher paying jobs. This is the point. This is literally the point. This is not some hidden conspiracy, this is the actual point. You have got so close to the point yet have still managed to so spectacular miss it, it’s like you’ve made the Kessel Run in less than 0.001 parsecs.

So what does that leave you with if you’re a Myther and want to write something on the subject of a wage gap? Well, you can quibble that “on average” needs to be given context, because those statistics are over an entire population of men and women, and you can mention all the reasons that women earn less than men, and, well… that’s about it. Unless you’re a complete fucking idiot in which case you might say “well, this man earns less than this woman therefore…” but the less said about people who try that one the better.

So I’ll summarise why the Wage Gap Myth argument is bullshit, as best as possible in big letters and short words:


In fact, let’s just underscore the irony of these responses one more time: their premise is “the wage gap doesn’t exist” and “women don’t earn less than men” but because that’s a fact that simply is, these “myth” posts have to explicitly acknowledge the existence of a wage gap and then find excuses for it. The Myther argument is nothing but excuses: excuses that simply wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t need to be found if the wage gap was actually mythical.

Did I mention this is creationist-level logic, here? What part of “the wage gap is a myth” and “women don’t earn less than men” is supported by making excuses for the very existence of such a fact?

But anyway, let’s assume a hypothetical Myther accepts this, and they then accept that they are, in actual fact, just making excuses… sorry, finding reasons… for the gap. After all, women do, statistically speaking, do different jobs to men. They do, statistically speaking, take care of children more frequently. They do, really they do, take on more part-time and lower paid work. So yes, you’re right – whether you’re an MRA, a politician, some random blogger who thinks they’re smarter because they’ve stumbled upon this startling revelation – there are reasons women, on average, earn less than men.

We take a hard job that requires constant attention, dedication and a lot of training… and we pay more for the one that is traditionally male. A cynical interpretation? Yes. But unfortunately, the cynical interpretation sounds like it has a lot more explanatory value.

My laconic response to that? “Congratulations! Have a fucking prize!”

(Does the sarcasm come across in text, I’m never sure…)

Do you genuinely think this is news to people?

Do you really think that this somehow isn’t the point social progressives and feminists have been making for years?

Do you actually think that, somehow, this is an okay situation to be in?

Are you waiting for me to declare “Oh how wrong I’ve been! Women aren’t treated like shit in the world! They’re just… erm… treated like… shit! But that’s fine, there are Reasons!”

Let’s use the word “predicated” in a sentence: the Myther argument is predicated on a straw man interpretation that people complaining about the wage gap are under the impression that women get paid ~20% less for the exact same work. This isn’t true at all. Which you’d know if the average Myther had ever bothered reading anything written by a Social Justice Warrior Enthusiast any time in the last few decades. But I really don’t think the average Myther or MRAsshole or MGTOWer would ever be caught dead doing such a thing.


Literally every article on the subject says “the wage gap is a myth” but then goes on to say “the wage gap is real it’s just… shutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutup!!” Sod it, this is worse than creationism.

The Reasons behind the wage gap really isn’t news to anyone. No one who has ploughed any thought into the existence of the wage gap needs to be informed of these reasons. Yes, women earn less because they work different hours at different pay rates because of various reasons. Thank you very much Captain Fucking Obvious. The difference between the progressive opinion and the “we more smarter than you because wage gap be myth” position is that we took it a little further – we asked one more “why?”

Why do women work these lower paid jobs? Could it be that society rail-roads us into particular careers? Could it be that men are told they should do one thing and women another?

Why do women disproportionately do more child-care than men? Surely, if we’re such an equal society that the wage gap is a “myth”, then this shouldn’t be an issue, right? Last I checked, it took two people to make a baby (this may be news to people with the emotional and intellectual maturity of the average Men’s Rights Activist, of course) and so why wouldn’t the responsibility be split nearly 50:50? Surely there should be nothing to take into account from this if there wasn’t a social discrepancy, right?

Or let’s take a more insidious twist on that first “why” – Why do we pay less for jobs that women do? Put another way: do we force women into lower paying jobs, or do we devalue jobs done by women? That dichotomy is the driving force that explains the existence of a wage gap – a fact that “Wage Gap Mythers” very explicitly admit to in their quest to find excuses – and neither option looks like it could let society off the hook.

The answers to those additional “why?” questions aren’t straightforward, nor are they easy to admit to, and certainly outside the scope of this post. But we try. We at least give it a shot, which is certainly an improvement on an argument that stops two logical steps previously and assumes the opposite conclusion.

And this is without getting into the research that demonstrates – in both controlled and real-world environments – that women tend to get offered lower starting salaries for identical qualifications (something replicated with ethnicity, and it gets worse there), get rejected at a higher rate and let’s not get started on the attitudes that they can and do face at work. None of that even comes close to supporting the Myther position.

In many respects, Mythers have their facts absolutely straight. They’ve thought about how society affects women and minorities, how it affects their eduction, their lifestyles, and leads to the fact they earn far less than their more privileged counterparts. It’s just fundamentally annoying that they’re so blinded by the presumed “myth” conclusion that they can’t see what these facts are outright screaming in their face.

You may now commence your incessant adolescent whining in the comments.


20 thoughts on “The Wage Gap “Myth” – A Stock Response

  1. Earnings gap all subtlety nuance and complexity factored in not wage gap, compare hourly rates then see, funny only the middle-class complain about these fashionable subjects. My sister in law gets exactly the same hourly rate as her male counterparts working on the production line of a local bakery.

  2. “You may now commence your incessant adolescent whining in the comments” sounds like projection and won’t earn respect from others.
    Anyway it all is an apples to oranges comparison by averaging out accumulated statistical analysis without breaking it down with the complexity and nuance of said evidence taken into account, much easier to assert nebulous unsubstantiated “oppression” and bash an entire demographic while it is acceptable and fashionable to do so knowing full well that said demographic for the most part are intimidated into silence Just as with narcissistic abusers and their easily bullied targets. Back to the point, why haven’t countless millions of female employees taken their employers to court and or industrial tribunals given that it is illegal here in the UK to be payed a different hourly rate for the same job and hors worked under the equal pay act 1970 and a certain section section of the equality act of 2010 nothing but cynical manipulation and opportunism in the pursuit of power.

    • I’m going to assume you didn’t actually read the above — it’s specifically refuting what you’ve said. When people refer to the wage gap, it’s not referring to a lack of equal-pay-for-equal-work but a lack of women in those higher-paying roles. That’s either because we consider certain jobs to be “women’s work” and pay them less, or we discourage them from higher paying jobs on a social/cultural level.

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  6. I think what they debunk is “unequal pay for equal work”. Which is what a lot of people who talk casually of such issues think the wage gap means. A lot of women actually think they make 75% of their male colleagues for equal work. That’s what a lot of people debunk.

    It also is an issue because people often misunderstand what the proper solution is. People think lower wages are jsut a result of men in charge choosing to pay the women less, or letitng bias reflect their raises etc. That is very different from the problem that exists, where women are actively discouraged from many highly profitable fields (STEM, medicine) into ones that offer notably less in wages (gender studies, early education).

    So, dispelling the “unequal pay for equal work” myth to uninformed people can actually be beneficial. It helps people understand the actual issues at play.

    • That would be the case if the majority of “denialist” or “myther” comments came from people actually interested in equally – as it happens they mostly come from MRA-types or otherwise who just want to use these “reasons” as an excuse to tell women to shut-the-fuck-up about it, nothing more.

      And there are relatively few people – if any at all, out of those seriously interested in the subject – who actually perpetuate the “unequal pay for unequal work” idea. That usually comes up only in two contexts – 1) the stubborn refusal of some places to pass laws making it illegal (which is a pretty trivial and non-controversial approach if you’re interested in equality, yet it’s still opposed) and 2) where studies show differing starting salaries, for the same experience/ability, dependent on gender and/or perceived race.

      These “debunkings” would only help if they came from the right place and were targeted at the right people. But they’re not. They are almost invariably nothing of the kind, and people reading these “debunkings” don’t then go on to think of the actual underlying issues.

      • Huh, alright I suppose so. I guess I have trouble understanding how anyone could see these things and see it as meaning “these is no issue” vs “the issue may not be what you think”. I’m just assuming a level of intelligence a lot of people posting this stuff apparently don’t have.

        • People aren’t going to KNOW what the issues are if they are not informed doh. The vast majority of people that try to debunk the wage gap are usually angry anti-feminist that attempts to convince other people that “if you dont buy into my anti-wage gap “proof” then you are an idiot”. Of course these kind of people would never be concerned about the real issues at hand, did you really think that they would be? Their intentions are to get people to be anti-feminist, and NOT to focus on the real issues at hand.

  7. So basically you agree that “unequal pay for equal work” is a myth but society is still skewed towards women making less than men? Okay, but it’s also skewed to women living longer, being healthier, higher educated, most likely to be granted child custody and alimony, and likely wealthier over a lifetime since, if married, they eventually inherit whatever over payments the husband received?

    • And it’s also skewed towards them being more likely to be the victims of sexual assault, shamed in the media for their appearance, discarded as they age, and for people to dismiss their concerns as nothing more than “angry feminists”… so what? It’s not a fucking competition.

      • And men are more often the victims of homicide and imprisonment, etc.

        Competition or not, I’d very much like to see a definitive UN quality of life ranking of US men versus women.

      • I’d love to see a study about sexual assault that wasn’t influenced by the work of Mary Koss, if you have one please share.

        Until then, I don’t think any claim about male vs female sexual assault can considered legitimate, considering most studies are based on the work of a woman actively trying to exclude females from being perpetrators, and most sexual assault/rape of men is done by women as even biased studies show.

        Of course the fact this is one of the least discussed aspects of gender equality says a lot about feminism, compare the push to ban bossy or manspreading vs men lacking equal protection under the law, which gets more attention in feminism today?

  8. “The Myther thesis statement is just plain and simply wrong.” The word you should be using is Denialists.

  9. That’s bullshit!!! FEMINAZI MISANDRIST WHITE KNIGHT SCUM!!!!!!!’ FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just kidding, you’re entirely right.


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