Really, Daily Mail, really….?

Novemeber was a pretty bad month in terms of “science” for the Daily Mail, the monstrosity of a newspaper that is consistently (yet inexplicably) one of the most popular newspapers in Britain – and perhaps the world if you include it’s online content. First they gave credit to some absolutely terrible claim that humans didn’t come from Earth (using some extremely western-centric so-called ‘evidence’ that makes even evolutionary psychology look reasonable), and now more recently this “humans evolved from pigs and chimps fucking each other” clusterfuck of a non-story.


And yes, that’s in their actual “science” section. Not the “here’s some crazy weird shit some people believe” section, the “science” section. Not the “here we refute the bullshit” section, the “science” section.

Really? Come on guys, this is stupid. Stop publishing this shit. Not counting the fact that the chimp-pig thing is a complete non-story that they just picked up out of nowhere, this is pathetic. Why the fuck are you even…

Hang on…

Then again, doesn’t this make sense? It’s part of a wider game the Mail plays to discredit “science” amongst its readers. Their bloggers berate scientists, and their editorial stance is firmly in the climate change denial camp. What they’re doing isn’t to present interesting science stories, or potentially controversial ones. Perhaps some people will notice that they present “click-bait” – so that even their detractors still contribute to their advertising revenue. But I’d like to suggest this far darker motive. It’s all designed to intentionally present bullshit – readers all know it’s bullshit. They can see it’s bullshit. Why? Because the mail want their readers to think that it’s bullshit. Which leads them to think this:


I hope scientists are aware that by releasing reports and contradicting them the following week makes people believe not a single word they say. Maybe they should discuss their findings amongst their peers and decide on a consensus. Or would that be too logical?

Because when you can instil this much distrust of experts, you can print anything you like and people will believe you. Especially when it’s serious fucking, not pig-fucking, business.


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