Oh Google how ye frustrate me…

Don’t get me too wrong on this one. I do use YouTube for watching stuff. And Google’s search is great – because the problem is that most of the time people don’t know what they’re looking for, Google has a vast quantity of data to train itself on so does a better job half the time. But that said…

I tried to get rid of my YouTube account (or channel, what the hell is it these days?) because it was becoming a complete PITA to sign into it without it automatically signing into a completely different user account – requiring to sign out then in again. Two clicks, and a few seconds of refreshing extra, but two clicks and a few seconds of refreshing that I shouldn’t do just to thumbs up something that deserves the feedback.

But THEN, after signing in there was the hassle of giving it my phone number and then an alternate email address, which after a while I got so bored of I just put in random numbers. Then no matter how many times I told it no, (may it thinks “no means yes, yes means anal”…) and declined, and that it wasn’t applicable to me, it kept asking for my real name – even after the sixth time of trying to convince it I was a band.

And of course that was long after they changed how subscriptions worked from a simple “here’s a list of shit you haven’t watched yet” to an endless-pagination Facebook/Twitter style feed (hence why I stopped watching AronRa, dprjones and Thunderf00t long before he turned MRA, and Scott Clifton stopped posting as much years ago thanks to his day job). So the entire enterprise no longer really fit my needs for a quick and easy video hosting service to share a few animations over. So it annoyed the fuck out of me, and didn’t want the username associated with that stuff any more and in an act of sheer “fuck this”, I decided to just nuke the account. No need to maintain it or deal with the fucking spam it generated.

Except it point blank *refused* to delete the account.

Tried every approach. Wouldn’t even let me delete the individual videos, it always produced an error. Multiple computers, multiple browsers, nothing worked. So the only way to rid myself of the YouTube account was to delete the Google Account that I inadvertently ended up syncing with it – i.e., I have a Google Account that I never wanted and never use. Basically, I’m on WordPress, not Blogger, YouTube is dead to me and I actually like outlook.com more than gmail (my brain scan came back normal, so that can’t explain that one) mostly because the way gmail mashes up the order of emails as if they’re threaded conversations which would be fine if it actually made such a thing visually intuitive. Yes, I like a Microsoft product more than a Google one – who’d have thunk it back in ’07.

So, deleted the Google Account.

That actually worked. Lost the YouTube account and now the username no longer brings up results for videos and there’s no more signing in woes. Except deleting the Google Account nearly irrevocably borked my phone because Android fixes you with that account and won’t let you change it without some more advanced tricks involving factory-resetting the thing. Sigh. Already did that once in order to change it over from my university account when that expired following graduation – a further PITA that I don’t want to do again. So after some rapid recovery (of an account I don’t use) I’m still lumbered with an account I don’t use but still need to maintain and check just so I can run a phone and download shit with. Not too bad, apart from the fact I only wanted to get rid of a few fucking videos.

Of course, every university in the universe seems to now be migrating to Google Apps/Accounts/Mail/Drive for its behind-the-scenes work, so now everything I do is signed in via those accounts – which is *totally* awesome because those accounts are by their very nature temporary and can’t be easily migrated to something permanent if you happen to want to keep hold of some things after you move on (because junior academics never move institutions ever…). And I can’t help but think the punchline to this is that I’m going to wake up one day with my name plastered all over Google+ whether I want it there or not and I’m going to be stuck wasting time on things I never planned to use nor have any realistic plans of branching out into.

By the gods old and new Google how you frustrate the fuck out of me…


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