15 Facts About Me

Apparently this is a thing. Here are fifteen facts about me. However, three of them are lies.

  1. The overcrowding in my mouth is so much that one of my adult teeth actually came through the roof of my mouth and my wisdom teeth have come in sideways.
  2. For one National Novel Writing Month, I wrote a pop-science/philosophy book that alternated narration with explanation in the style of Science of Discworld.
  3. One of my dreams is to put on a production of Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites on Lake Constance as part of the Bregenz opera festival.
  4. I once put up with an ingrown toenail for about two years.
  5. I used to be a conspiracy theorist.
  6. Despite being one of “those” silly anti-religious/anti-creationist little shits, I actually culturally identify myself as a Zen Buddhist rather than ‘atheist’ owing to it being far more philosophically fulfilling.
  7. My internet handle evolved from a typographical error of my real name in the electronic class registers at high school, making it sound weird; others then rolled the same mispronunciation across my full name and I rolled with it.
  8. I have an irrational fear of house rabbits.
  9. I believe sex education in schools would be better served by teaching teenagers about S&M relationships rather than same-sex relationships.
  10. My weird celebrity crushes include Seth Gabel.
  11. I was once banned for three months from a bar for mooning the manager and the bouncer.
  12. I disproved one of the major results in my research thesis about a week after finalising the hardbound copy and submitting it, necessitating a very awkward conversation with my supervisor.
  13. I spent most of the second year of my postgraduate degree being treated for depression.
  14. My favourite TV series ever is Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds.
  15. I decided to add more than three “lies” to this list.

So, there they are. Fifteen facts about me, three of which are lies. Maybe, at a later date, I’ll unpack them and say which are the lies.


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