What the f….

The following is a selected list of “search terms” that WordPress tells me have driven traffic to this blog. They are copied verbatim from the statistics page (note, this post is semi-regularly updated).

  • stop thats to far
  • fuck kute spheric ass
  • my brother wanks me every day
  • joffrey baratheon you absolute cunt
  • pretty girls faint when they rammed the 12 inch dick.
  • please excuse my french, but how is it that modern education has turned into such bullshit? with all of the technology and information that opens so many doors to our generation, how have people become so incredibly ignorant? there is so much we all have to learn, yet people have become so unwilling and pompous. the schooling system has become a complete mockery; teaching kids the “value” of grades and scores. you can’t even call that education! it’s all about the end result, without taking into consideration the harmful effect that has on the peoples lives. can the most important values you could be teaching kids really be “measured”? what happened to teaching children the value of morals or loving and respecting one another? or has all of that gone to shit too?
  • 12 inch dildo getting.broke in
  • toll free no why not 12 inches your dick
  • fuck spheric ass
  • how to make my butt hole bigger so i can put my dick in my own but easy
  • if you suparat it’s possible to marry another
  • head says no dick says go
  • how to make somone say i am a peanus
  • photo dick put inside vingar pussy
  • positions sexuel micro pinis hom
  • fuck box of sex login my acaunt
  • orthodontic bdsm
  • unpack how to new tarantula
  • if fucking elders weren’t fucking morons wanting me to kill them then i could suceed in life
  • madison ivy take me to the water
  • 15 year old gangbang
  • http://www.just funking sex.com
  • intolerable group fucking
  • free ful video porno no bulshit

Is this normal?!?!

4 thoughts on “What the f….

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  2. Very weird. Also, I searched and you don’t seem to have said “joffrey baratheon you absolute cunt,” but “joffrey baratheon is a right cunt.” I think it’s weird that your page came up as a result when you didn’t use the exact phrase.

  3. It seems the gap between educated and complete ignorance is ever widening. (And the ignorant reproduce faster.) Scary


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