So, I wroted a thing. Mostly a reaction to the douchenozzles that came over from the men’s rights subreddit (known commonly as “asshat land”) to downvote anyone who disagreed with them.

Fuck those assholes, and you can quote me on that.


3 thoughts on “FEMME HEIL!

  1. Reblogged this on Feminism Is Gender Fascism and commented:
    I have lived long enough to see the end results of both the second and third wave and the beginning of the fourth wave of feminism. To put it bluntly Feminism is an ideology of “Intellectual Rape” whose adherents intentionally seek laws that put men at a social and legal disadvantage to women while falsely claiming to be seeking equality between the sexes. ANYONE WHO CLAIMS OTHERWISE IS A LIAR!

  2. Haha the men that try to challenge feminism and feminist through advocating ‘mens rights’ just make me laugh. Absolute idiots. Feminism in itself is equal rights for men and women, it is the destruction of unfair and oppressive social structures in order that everyone has a level playing field, I don’t understand why people do not get that. Anyway, my best wishes.


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