Sunday School Environmentalism

For the two-and-a-half people who care, I recently added an entry to the RationalWiki quasi-official blog on Sunday School Environmentalism. Having spent a not-insignificant part of my university eduction doing environmental chemistry and studying impact metrics (even this extensive blog scratches the surface of that topic) it’s something I’m quite involved in.

2 thoughts on “Sunday School Environmentalism

  1. I got here after reading the RationalWiki page and am now trying to find good book-length resources on Non-Sunday-School environmentalism. Any suggestions for where to start as a literate but clueless beginner? I prefer stuff that isn’t advocacy-oriented except in the sense of “here’s how politics ended up skewing public perception on this issue.” Not that I think environmental advocacy is a bad idea, only that it’s distracting when I’m looking for facts.

  2. Hey, that’s me! Thanks! And the Sunday School Environmentalism page is going to come in handy. I haven’t yet done much work on the larger environmentalist implications of my blog, as you may be able to tell. Your stuff is very helpful.

    I’m psyched to see you talking about the cradle-to-grave issue that my targets — the environmentally-minded DIYers — ignore. Future generations are going to see our era as one when people tried to pretend they weren’t helpless in the face of overweening planet-destroying forces. I really believe it’s a kind of hysteria that leads these folks to spend hours and hours on tiny projects that give them a feeling of control. They live for that sense of control, whether it’s over the contents of their living room or the fate of a single soda can tab. It literally doesn’t seem to occur to them that the things they make out of trash are still ultimately landfill-bound, unless they’re using stuff (like soda tabs) that ought to be downcycled anyway.


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