How to stop sucking at non-belief (Part 3)

Here’s a real quick, to-the-point way of stopping yourself sucking balls at being a non-believer. It’s simple, straightforward, and so I’m putting it in large letters:

Stop mistaking parody, satire and Markov-chain-esque spam for the real thing!

Many people get suckered in by Poe’s Law. It’s understandable at times. Yet you can get around it with due diligence and a little bit of basic skepticism. I did write an pretty extensive guide to what you need to think about when checking for parody a while ago (for the two people out there who care) and the short version is that if it’s too funny to be true, it’s probably not. That’s just a guide to things to think about, though, as there is no easy litmus test.

Most of the time, the response should really be “Of course its’ parody. Why is this even a question?” Yet people still get suckered in by piss-taking. this isn’t the bad thing, per se, it’s the fact that when they do they almost inevitably take the wrong lessons from it.

If someone persistently mistakes parodies or satire for the real thing, they’ve got a big problem. They haven’t proven how stupid the real thing is, they’ve proven that they have a straw man view of what the real thing is and are interested only in having their biases confirmed. Someone might declare “oh, it’s just like a real fundie xian*” when it probably isn’t anything of the sort – but they may as well declare “oh, my preconceptions of how Christian evangelists speak has just been confirmed” because that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Making this mistake repeatedly is not a bad reflection on fundamentalists, it’s a bad reflection on you.


*Also, stop using “xian”. That’s another thing that marks you out as an idiot.


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