In which we make the obligatory awkward first post…

So, finally…

I have caved in and started a blog page. It’s WordPress, but hey, it’s cheap (well, free) and I already have an account. Undoubtedly I’ll spend a few hours fiddling with the appearance and getting annoyed that available themes are all undeniably terrible, and then forget about it.


One thought on “In which we make the obligatory awkward first post…

  1. I just ‘rediscovered’ your blog, so to speak. I posted some of your WordPress pieces on my Facebook and Twitter sites and find myself re-reading them as they express what I would say if I were verbally capable to do so. I wish I had the scientific knowledge in order to refute Creationists and climate-change-deniers incessant attack on rational thought and fact, but instead I find myself stumped and, most of the time, infuriatingly ineffective when confronting their particular delusions, From over three decades of personal experience with, and inevitable exposure to, creationists and intelligent-design apologists, who have been able to spread their fantasies as if they were facts with impunity, I now find myself looking at the country I live in (Australia) in disbelief and despair.
    As far as I am concerned, the damage these religious fanatics have caused to education, science and public discourse since the 1980s, is deplorable. Their increasing influencing of policies, ranging from marriage equality to climate change, their participation in the Australian Government in ministerial and various other pivotal positions, is attacking and intentionally ruining scientific inquiry and progress by shutting down departments and ministries. As far as education, political discourse and environmental protection are concerned, Australia is mediocre at best, but due to the unfettered demagoguery of Christian apologists, dominionists and right-wing populists like Pauline Hanson, it is quickly descending into a country of wilful ignorance.
    In the current political climate of more and more indescribably selfish, stupid, uneducated, yet over-confident leaders being elected to govern, it is difficult not to feel utterly dejected and hopeless for the future. But maybe if people like you pick up arms, so to speak, and become as relentless in putting up arguments based on knowledge and facts as the lunatics who are destroying the world are, there might be a chance for people to see reality and make the right choices.


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